Explore Oklahoma!


In every state of this country there are amazing sites to be seen. But, this is not about all of the states. It is about this great state, OKLAHOMA! I have spent the last several years cruising back roads and seeing what I can find. I am often amazed, and even baffled, at the things I stumble upon.

Here are a few examples:

The Chisholm Trail Lookout marker, near Waurika, is one of the random Monuments that I have found. As I drove dirt roads from Hackberry Flats WMA to Ardmore I saw this 30 foot obelisk atop a hill and had to investigate. As an Easter egg for explorers there is another monument dedicated to a tragedy nearby.


A random race (or maybe clown) car near Hugo in someone’s yard. Hugo’s cemetery is cool too, and if you keep exploring you may find an elephant sanctuary.


 Sometimes you find a cool tunnel like this one in southern Oklahoma.

 If you decide to follow the Oklahoma Adventure Trail (a future post will be dedicated to this) around the state, you will at some point exit the forest to see this! But, don’t linger too long this is the white separatist community called Elohim City. Timothy McVey spent time here before the Oklahoma City bombing.


 North of The Great Salt Plains stop at the Artesian spring to quench your thirst.

 In the far Northwest find the tristate marker and set in Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma at the same time.


There are hundreds of things to see in this state. Want to visit a Buffalo Soldier cemetery? How about see a ghost town, or a stone frog bigger than your vehicle? Have the need to see where real old west shootouts went down? How about see a mine from Oklahoma’s short lived gold rush? I have done all of this and so much more.

People often ask me for specific gps tracks or trip plans. I will always point them to the Oklahoma Adventure Trail, then encourage them to just go explore. Pick a direction, and go drive. You may be amazed at what you find.

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  1. I enjoyed the story


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